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St. Anne's Parish Forms Search Committee for Permanent Rector


Dear Ones,

I write to share the joyous news that last Tuesday your Vestry voted to establish a formal search committee for a Permanent Rector.

As you know, Fr. Zack is our Interim Rector and the establishment of the committee is the first step in finding a permanent replacement. The last time a search committee found a permanent rector for the parish was about 25 years ago! In other words, this is a generational opportunity to set the parish on a good path for the future.

The Vestry carefully selected the members of the committee based on their qualities, experience, skills and judgement. I’m sure you will agree that Brie Breland, Brenda Hyson, Kim Schmidt and Gaye Wilson will represent us well. I will also serve as the fifth member of the committee, as I am in my final year as Senior Warden and Vestry member.

In a prayerful process, the discernment may take some time. Our first step will be to build a profile of the parish. As part of that effort, we will provide opportunities for people in our community to help us define our requirements. The committee met for the first time yesterday, and will provide regular updates.

We ask you to pray for the committee and it’s efforts, so that we may follow God’s plan for our beloved St. Anne’s Parish.

In Jesus’ name,

Jim Campbell
Senior Warden

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